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    Maximilian, Endless Legend is pretty good. Civ-ish.
    RevHellfire, Picked up Doom in steam sale, anyone see anything else worth gaming.
    RevHellfire, So many millennials tears at the moment.
    ButcherOfNog, Order of Battle: World War II is now free on steam, I presume the free DLC available works with it

    RevHellfire, Cool, stuck it on the download list.
    MoustachioedDictator, Civ6 explained to n00b: http://www.cracked.com/video_20214_escort-mission-civ-vi-history-maniacs.html
    Maximilian, I hope everyone is going to pick up Civ VI in a few weeks.

    RevHellfire, Tempted for sure. What multiplayer options are available? Does it offer the more sedate offline play like before ?
    ButcherOfNog, Its out, spent a few minutes looking for info on the exact multiplayer support, looks like same as Civ5. Game seems to be Civ1 with better graphics, but then so was Civ2, Civ3, Civ4 ..... :)
    RevHellfire, I'm on for picking it up if it looks like we could a game. Is there a pitboss or save game option like last time?
    Maximilian, Doesn't look like pitboss/pbem is working yet. The game itself is really good though. More complete than Civ 5 was at launch.
    RevHellfire, HTC Vive or Occulus Rift, that's the question for me at the moment. The joys of signing bonuses, free money.
    RevHellfire, Which with legion's demon hunters also released means a busy weekend gaming :D
    RevHellfire, I was weak... went ahead and purchased it.
    Maximilian, yeah but waiting for reviews first. no point pre-ordering and the incentive is crap anyway.
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