Nothing to see here

There’s nothing to see here.
You may as well continue on your internet travels.

But before you do. I would suggest perhaps using DuckDuckGo (if you are not already) so that at least your search history is not being recorded and analysised to better profile you.

And should you by chance happen to be using Firefox, then I humbly suggest you look at also using DoH which is available with just a few clicks. That way you can at least browse safe in the knowledge that your ISP will nolonger be as easily able to track your browsing history to build that lucrative avertising profile of you.

Here’s now to enable it.

First open the setting dialog, either from the menu or pressing the Cog in the top right of the home page.

This will present the settings dialog, keeping the ‘General’ tab selected scroll all the way to the bottom until you come to ‘Network Settings’.

Then click the ‘Settings…’ as shown in the image above.

This will present the ‘Connecting Settings’ dialog, once again scroll to the bottom.

Here you will see a checkbox ‘Enable DNS over HTTPS’, click it if not already set.

Once enabled your DNS lookups will be encrypted, preventing any intermediary from seeing which websites you are requesting.

Ofcourse, now you need to decide do you trust CloudFlare :o)

Internet good deed complete.