Helldivers II – Player count slide

Helldivers II is a bit of a one-trick pony, but it’s a pretty good trick in fairness.

But like anything without much variety it runs the risk of becoming stale and losing people’s attention. Which is what we can see now by looking at the player numbers over the last few months.

Steam Charts: Helldivers II

Moving from a massive peak of 458,208 players, there has been a consistent slide in the player count of about 34% month on month.

Though for a newly released game in the first 5 months, such a drop-off as the novelty factor wanes is not unexpected.

The expectation is that the player-base will stabilise to a core audience that can be maintained going forward; with an expectation of a more gradual decline going forward.

This looks like that is happening with the player count now.

Having settled from the 22th May onwards around the 50k mark with a much less pronounced attrition in numbers.

The new patch released on 13th June saw a slight spike in numbers , with a peak of 91,692 players following its release. But did not result in a notable increase of the player count.

To truly revitalise the player-base something bigger is going to be needed. Possibly the release of a third faction (The Illuminate from the original?) is the one to watch for and maybe that could reinvigorate the player-base and count.

Death of a MMO

I had seen some talk about the state of New World, an MMO released approximately 2 years and 5 months ago by Amazon Games. So I decide to take a closer look at it myself.

Released to great fanfare and with the deep deep pockets of Amazon to back it up, you would think to yourself that it couldn’t fail.

Though those of us with memory of Crucible, also by Amazon might have had some foreshadowing of a possible lack of success.

Starting off with an average of 410,000 players, it quickly settled down to an average mid-to-late teens with respect to players count. But its really fallen off a cliff as of this year.

New World Historic Player Counts

Even taking November 2021 as a starting point, the player-base has shrunk to just 3.75% of that number. That’s a pretty spectacular drop in just about two and a half years.

Personally I found it an interesting game, but always found the movement in it strange and slightly off-putting. Something I’ve noticed in other games based on the CryEngine from which Lumberyard was derived.

Link: Steam Charts: New World