Atlantis – OK let’s play along

I think I’m about to go down an Atlantis rabbit-hole after watching Joe Rogan interview Randall Carson.

Randell offers an interesting premise for how a series of islands could have at one time existed in the Atlantic and what might have occurred to result in the destruction/removal of said island(s).

That’s not to say I fully buy into the idea of a sea-faring civilization; I would expect more accounts than just Plato’s. But then again who’s to say there isn’t without looking.

The full interview on Spotify embedded below, it’s worth a listen for entertainment alone. Can’t vouch either way for the science though, so I’ll leave that to you to make your own assessment.

Hello world!

First post ! Sort of.

I figured it was time for a change around here. We have been running on VbSuite 4.5 for a good few years now and it served our purposes well during that time.

But that version of VbSuite is no longer compatible with later versions of PHP and has become end-of-life. Which means it is no longer receiving any updates, so has become a security liability.

Hence here we are once more, back in the WordPress fold.