Party like its 2015

I had some free-time this weekend and while in the process of clearing out things happened upon the backups I had made of the old site.

So for nostalgias sake I set about seeing if I could resurrect the old forum.

Back then the site served as a way for us to play our Civilization games.
With turns getting uploaded as there where made available, along with the final replay getting uploaded once a game had completed (normally with Max or ‘Tash snatching victory).
These where months long if not years long affairs, so perhaps worth restoring.

The site used to run off vBulletin 4 which has reached end of life and is not receiving any support, added to which it would no longer run on current versions of PHP.

Hence necessitating a move to something else, which in this case was phpBB3.

You can access the restored forum using the link at the top of the blog or going to

Most things work, but some links are broken, many are after all nearly a decade old.

Just like us after all this time, not everything works as well as it used to.

Hello world!

First post ! Sort of.

I figured it was time for a change around here. We have been running on VbSuite 4.5 for a good few years now and it served our purposes well during that time.

But that version of VbSuite is no longer compatible with later versions of PHP and has become end-of-life. Which means it is no longer receiving any updates, so has become a security liability.

Hence here we are once more, back in the WordPress fold.